Sustainable communities

We aim to support biodiversity at every step in all our developments. When pre-planning, we assess areas for sensitive ecosystems to ensure they are protected and enhanced plus continue to work closely with local authorities throughout the planning process to protect ecosystems and create zones that promote biodiversity.

How we support sustainability

How we invest in sustainability

Support Biodiversity

Community Participation

ESG Initiatives

Environmental Stewardship

Supporting biodiversity

This year, we plan to have each development sewn with Wildflower Seed; a seed most commonly affiliated with farming areas, and our aim is to reintroduce this feature throughout all our developments. Once the seed is sewn, we will manage the process and its growth until the meadows become self-sufficient and almost maintenance free.

Community Participation

We host Planting Days with local resident participation as part of our overall community engagement programme.

Last year with our support, the Taylor Hill Residents Association created a project called “The Pollinators’ Walk” - a pollinator-friendly corridor at the southern entrance of the estate. The project was subsequently chosen as a winner of the “Communities4Environment” competition run by Fingal County Council.

Aid ESG initiatives

At Glenveagh and in line with our approach to ESG, we consider where the house lives as well as where people live. It is important to us that our developments reflect the local built environment. Rather than create monocultures, we have evolved a variety of layouts suited to higher and lower density sites while being cognisant of “placemaking” within our developments.

Foster Environmental Stewardship

We strive to continually improve engagement with local communities, enrich the lives of our residents and ensure a lasting legacy for years to come in areas where we build.

We make home buying exceptional.
The team at Glenveagh are committed to providing our customers with the highest level of service. We aim to make the buying process as straightforward as possible, offering advice and help at every step of the way. We are here to help even after you have the keys in your hands.

Blooming Native are delighted to work with Glenveagh on creating wildflower meadows and biodiversity initiatives in their developments to help connect residents and their families further in the nature that surrounds their communities.

Julie Power

Blooming Native